• For v8.0+
  • Not for V7.0 and earlier

What are Release Dates?

Many content types in the content portal have a release date in the form that you use to upload that content. The date you choose affects when the content goes live in the app/web and it also can affect the order in which your content will appear.

How Release Dates Work

There are a few things to know about release dates, including how to enter a release date, change the date, delete the date and that release dates are required in order to submit the content form.

  • By Default the Release Date will show as whatever the current date is
  • Any content that has been given the present date or a date that has already passed, will appear live in the app/web. Tags and active buttons will still affect whether you actually see the content, or not
  • If you choose a future date for the release date, then you will not be able to find or see the content in the app/web until that date arrives. Then it will go live

Changing Release Dates

  • The only way to change the release date is to click directly on it. This will bring up a calendar that you can browse to choose the date you want
  • If you try to type in a new date, even if you follow the correct format, it will not accept it
  • Hovering over the calendar icon on the far right will reveal a delete icon and clicking it will delete the current date in the box, giving you the message in the image below. Just click on the words 'select date' to choose a date and fix this