This is an area where you can leave messages or updates to app users that have created a member account with your app. When an app user creates a member account, a new option appears in the dropdown menu of your app called Member Content. In this area, the app user can view what content they have unlocked in your app. There will be a button at the bottom called Messages/Updates. The content that you create in the Member Messages area of the Content Portal will appear in the Messages/Updates area for your app users to view. 

PRO TIP: You can create more targeted messages by using tags. For example, if an app user purchases a course in your app, they will use an unlock code to access that course. Doing so means that there is a specific tag associated with their member account, other than the obligatory FREE tag. What this means is that in the New Member Message form (below), you can give the Message you are creating that unique course tag and only app users that have bought your course will see that message. This is useful for things like, letting them know there is a second version of the course coming out in the summer, or that if they liked this course they should try out your event at a discounted price using the CTA link. There are many terrific options here to upsell, engage and deliver bonus content to your app users.



^ image of the New Member Message Form  

Creating a New Member Message is similar to creating a Lesson in the ActionPages area of the Content Portal. You will first want to give it a title and "short" description, we strongly recommend you add an image as well. Adding a CTA is optional. Build out your message using the Sections area at the bottom. When you are ready to make it live, click the Active button and press Submit.