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Member Message screen

This is an area where you can leave messages or updates to app users that have created a member account with your app. When an app user creates a member account, a new option appears in the menu of your app called Member Content. In this area, the app user can view what content they have unlocked in your app. There will be a button at the bottom called Messages/Updates. The content that you create in the Member Messages area of the Content Portal will appear in the Messages/Updates area for your app users to view.

You can access the Member Message screen under COMMUNICATE in the Content Portal:

Member Message Options:

  • Title - The main title people see
  • Description - The subtitle people can click into
  • Image - The thumbnail image people see before they click the message
  • Call to Action Text and URL - The CTA text and button location that appears at the bottom of the member message screen
  • Release Date - When the screen can be seen
  • Active - If the screen can be seen or not
  • Featured - If the message is highlighted or not
  • Tags - Tags decide who can and cannot see the message
  • Sections - Section content is displayed in order of how it appears in the associated form, if you want the content to appear in a different order to how it appears, you will need to add multiple sections with the content in the order you want it to appear (eg. you want the content to be headline then video then text, you will need two sections, first with the headline and video, second with the section text)
    • Sort Order - Sort order displays your content in the order you want it to
    • Description - Internal descriptor for you
    • Following content will display the desired content you want, similar to how lessons are structured.