Here is a list of the most important terms and definitions that you should know in order to easily navigate the ACTIONERA world.

Content Portal - The Content Portal is a virtual location that allows you to upload, organize, alter and maintain the content and structure of your app/web. You can access the Content Portal through any browser window (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). For access to the Content Portal, click HERE! 

ACTIONERA Account - This is a login account that is created for you by ACTIONERA in order to give you access to the Content Portal.

"ACTIONERA Branding" - On the Website and in the Content Portal you will often see words with our company name at the beginning of the word (ActionBlog, ActionCourses, ActionJournals, ActionFunnels, ActionEvents, ActionPages, ActionCalendar, etc.). This is just ACTIONERA branding and in most cases the word that follows ACTION is what you would normally expect that thing to be. ActionCalendar is just a normal calendar, ActionBlog is just a normal blog. 

In some instances, the newly formed word is representing a feature unique to ACTIONERA. For instance, ActionLists and ActionCommunity. You will be able to learn more about these unique features in the Knowledge Base. Whenever you are uncertain, find the article that relates to that branded word. 

GO+ - This product gives you access to the Content Portal so that you can create your unique app content. Individuals who want to view your app will need to download the ACTIONERA app and enter a unique 6-digit code that has been linked to your account. It will transform the ACTIONERA app into your app, complete with your content. With this option, you do not get your own unique app branding. 

PRO+ - You will be given access to the Content Portal where your unique app content will live. Our team at ACTIONERA will guide you in gathering your minimum required content and then upload it for you as part of our service. We will get your app approved and launched in Apple and Android stores with your own unique app branding. You get your own branded app with this option. 

BUSINESS+ - This product involves all the wonderful features and benefits of the PRO+ option. You also get ALL of our additional BONUS features. 

WEB - ACTIONERA has taken branded apps one step further by linking them to a duplicate Web version of the app. This brilliant feature makes your app easily accessible on phones and computers. It also allows you to interface between the two, linking your app to your web in various ways. This gives you some pretty incredible advantages and reach. 

The Content Portal is still where all the work is done, whether as an app, on the web or both. Some unique features exist in the Web product only and the same is true for the app, but the majority of the features exist in both places.