• For v8.0 to v9.0
  • Not for v7.0 and earlier

ActionEra Course Categories

Categories are a required aspect of all courses created in the ACTIONERA course portal.

Categories are used to organize courses into groups for easy marketing and delivery of programs

You can access this screen under ACTIONCOURSES in the Content Portal:

Course Category Fields

  • Category Name - This is the public facing name of your category, keep it succinct
  • Sub-Line - The sub-line acts as a sub-title or short descriptor for your category, it is limited to 30 characters
  • Image URL - The image will act as a thumbnail to represent everything within that category
  • Tags - Tags are used for a variety of reasons, either with internal tags so you can edit/setup a new category without making it visible to the public, or with client tags that make it so that users cannot see course groups unless you want them to be able to, or can be left empty for everyone to see.  See tagging for more information on tags
Pro-Tip: You can protect individual courses with tags and make all of your courses visible by not enforcing tags in categories; doing this means everyone can see what courses you offer but be unable to access them without registering to receive their unlock codes for specific courses or course bundles!