Sub-Topics are the various media types that can be selected to appear under a Topic or Directory Listing. 

For instance, if you wanted an Article to appear under a Topic you created, then you would need to add the Articles Sub-Topic option in the New Topic/Listing Form for that Topic. This form is found by going to MANAGE>TOPICS/LISTINGS in the Content Portal.

^ image of the New Topic/Listing Form (Sub Topics area)

Sub-Topic Options

There are many different Sub-Topic options you can choose from for a Topic/Listing. You can create a Topic/Listing that has no Sub-Topics (and only uses custom URLs and/or the single video/article/lesson options) or you can have ALL the Sub-Topics selected. It is up to you. 

^ image of all the Sub Topic options in the New Topic/Listing Form

Stand Alone Media Types

There are a few media types that appear in their own menu options in the app/web. We refer to these as Stand Alone Media. Some of these exist independent of Topics/Listings and some of them can be found with the Sub-Topics and can also be made to exist independently. See the list below for more information.

Some of the items below may not be available to you depending on what type of app/web owner you are, and which ones you have turned on.

Found only in Sub-Topics

  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Journals
  • Questions
  • Products
  • Resources
  • Audio

Found in the menu or elsewhere

  • ActionBlog - formerly Tips/Posts (Menu)
  • Tracka' Content - (Track Now)
  • Special Offers - (Menu)
  • Courses - (Menu)
  • ActionCalendar - (Menu)
  • ActionSummits - (Menu)
  • ActionEvents - (Menu) 

Found in Sub-Topics & as Stand Alone

  • Galleries - (Menu)
  • Lessons - (Lesson structure used in Courses)
  • Profiles - called About Us (Menu)

NOTE:  We have not mentioned that things like video and audio files can also appear in lessons/courses. For ease of explanation we are considering lessons/courses to be their own individual media types. 

Additionally, most of these Sub-Topics can also be featured which will cause them to appear in the feature area of the app/web. We do not consider featured content to be a stand alone media type.