Whenever your app is re-submitted to Apple and Android, it needs to be reviewed thoroughly to ensure it gets approved.

Things that require app re-submission:

  • Platform Upgrades
  • Changes to your app graphics: logo, loading screen & tagline

You do not want a rejection from Apple or Android because it can cause long delays or even a deeper review, and sometimes risk your app not getting approved at all.  

We have no control over this other than making sure we have you do the proper review and changes.


Here is the general list of what the ACTIONERA team looks for when doing an app review before a resubmit:

  • Minimum content requirements are met
  • Sub-topics with no content are turned off
  • Broken Links are fixed or removed
  • There are no links to shopping carts or payment processing
  • Ensuring your Featured Q&A has an audio file 
  • Your Featured Offer is 100% free or turned off
  • You have a course or the course module is turned off

As an app owner, you are in charge of your content, any broken links, and ensuring there are no links to content asking for payment or purchase. Look through your app and adjust as needed:


Check Your Main Screens

  • Look for any main screens (home screens, featured screens, etc.) that have a link to a web page that asks for payment.  
  • Even if it's not directly asking for payment for that specific item, if the web page is selling anything digital Apple will want to get their hands on a % of that.  
  • Change the call to action to a page that gives something away for free or has people opt-in.


Use The Words "Track Now" vs "Unlock"

  • Remove any place that indicates to "Unlock" a code or content. 
  • The reason why we use the words "Track Now" instead of Unlock Now is because it avoids scrutiny or questions about what is being unlocked.


Add An Audio File to Your Featured Q&A

  • Make sure the Featured Q&A has an audio file uploaded.  
  • Apple will want to have audio that they test and that is where we send them to test audio.


Hide Prices

  • Make sure your courses or events don't have a cost to them.  
  • Hide them if they do, using the "Hide" tag, until after it's approved by apple and then you can unhide them.  
  • Or turn off courses by going to the Menu Setup option in the portal under Setup:


Special Offers Should Be Freebies

  • Make sure your "Special Offer" - if that is turned on - does not lead to a page that asks for payment.  
  • To find your Special Offer: 
    • Navigate to ACTIONPAGES and click on Resources:

  • Your Special Offer is the featured resource:

  • You can also turn this option off in the Menu Setup:


Check Your CTA links

  • Make sure there are no broken links in your CTAs
  • Make sure your CTAs don't lead to payment pages


Ensure ALL clickable sections of your app lead to content

  • make sure you don't have empty sections of your app
    • example: you have course categories but no courses available under them 
    • example: empty topics, sub-topics or directories

^ This is the alert you will see if a section has no content