Q: Why wont the content portal allow me to submit content?


Every once in a while the content portal will not accept content that you just entered, even when it seems like you have all the fields properly filled out. 


Here are some common reasons why you can't save:

1. You missed a required field.

2. A release date was not chosen

3. Character count limit was exceeded

4. The "Title" is a duplicate or already exists

In most cases, reasons 1-3 will result in an on-screen notification in red under the field that has the problem. If the Title is the issue, you won't get an error. Try adding a number or changing it slightly to see if it saves. Then identify the duplicate and change your naming accordingly.

If it's not one of the above reasons:

We don't always know the reason, but you can additionally try this easy fix. Just click cancel on the form and try clicking save again. It usually works the second time. If that doesn't work, copy & paste your work into a notepad or word document (so you don't lose it!) then close out of the content portal entirely and then try going back into it. This almost always works.


Worst Case Scenario...

Something is wrong with our servers. It happens. You can try back in an hour or two. Usually we get the server working again very quickly. If you are experiencing ongoing challenges with this, please submit a help ticket to support@actionera.com and describe the issue. Screenshots or video is very helpful because we need to recreate the issue for our tech team.