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NOTE: Read First: Help article on Tags

Unlocking Tagged Content

Once you have created a tag and applied it to your content, it needs to be unlocked to be viewed. This article will provide an overview of the Track Now button (on mobile) or Unlock Code button (on desktop), the Unlock/Track Screen, and explain the three ways content tags can be unlocked.

Track Now and Unlock Code Buttons

The terms "track" and "unlock" can be used somewhat interchangeably in your ACTIONERA app. On your mobile app, the default terminology is "track" instead of "unlock" for app review and approval purposes.

^^Location on web/desktop^^

^^ Location on mobile ^^

Unlocking a Tag

Method 1: Basic - Entering a Code

The most common way to unlock a tag is by entering the 6-digit unlock code number in the Track Now or Unlock Code area of you app.

When a user taps or clicks on either of these buttons, they are taken to a screen where they can enter the 6-digit code: 

^^ Sample unlock screens on desktop and on mobile ^^

If they are not a registered member of your app, the system will prompt them to sign up or login by creating a user account with their email adress:

^^ Sample prompt on desktop ^^

Once the user is logged in and enters the code successfully, they will get this success screen and can then navigate to the unlocked content in your app:

^^ Sample unlock success screens on desktop and on mobile ^^

Method 2: Manually grant them access

Another way to unlock content for a user is to manually give them access by adding the tag to their user account.

Go to MANAGE and click on MEMBERS:

^^ Where to access members ^^

Locate the member you want to grant tag access to and click UPDATE:

Start typing the tag name in the or click into the field for a list. Once you have added the tag to their account, click Submit to save:

Pro-Tip: Use this method to test the unlock process yourself! You can add or remove a tag from your own testing account as many times as you need to. This can be helpful when you start creating custom unlock and confirmation screens.

Method 3: Automatically - The Free Tag

You can read about the Free Tag, but this is the ONLY tag that automatically gets added to a user's account when they first register.

Any content you tag with "Free" will be immediately accessible to any user who is registered and logged in to your app. 

To encourage registration in your app, we recommend making sure you have content available to registered users, including things like exclusive offers and "freebies" so they are motivated to give you their email address.

Customizations and Explaining the Unlock Process

There are many ways to customize, simplify, and enhance the tag unlocking process for your users. 

Customizations (articles coming soon)

  • The Track Now label. You can change the label to customize this in your app. Please see our article on how to do this and how it affects the app review and submission process.
  • The Unlock Screen. Your app comes with a basic, informative unlock screen. You can create a custom version of this screen for your app and the web version. 

Explaining the Unlock Process to Users (article coming soon)

Eventually you will need to give a user an unlock code and instructions on how to use it. See our article to get some samples of these instructions.