• For v8.0 to v9.0
  • Not for v7.0 and previous versions

About Tag Bundles

Tag Bundles allow app owners a way to conveniently group or "bundle" a bunch of existing tags so that a user can unlock multiple tags by entering just one unlock code.

If you haven't already, please make sure you have reviewed Tags/Tagging

Some important things to note about Tag Bundles:

  • They do not appear on a user's account as actual "tags"
  • Instead, the tag bundle adds each individual tag to the user's account
  • They can be temporary and you can give them an expiration date
  • If you wish to use the same tag bundle, ongoing, a user must unlock it each time a new tag is added to the tag bundle to get access to the new tags content


How To Create a Tag Bundle

To create a tag bundle,  click on the Add Tag button:

Select Tag Bundle from the Tag Type list:

Fill out the fields. Give your tag bundle a name in the Tag Name field and copy the same name into the Tag field, but with no spaces. We recommend creating a reminder of what the tag bundle is going to be used for by adding a short description in the Tag Created For field. 

Pro-Tip: If your Tag Bundle is for a specific event, we highly recommend identifying the event date in the tag name and short description. That way, if you do the same event in the future, you can tell the tag bundles apart.

Select the Content Tags and/or Course Tags you would like to include in this tag bundle. You can choose from any tags that you have already created -- just start typing in the boxes:

Unlock Code Expiry Date

You can create a temporary tag bundle (example: for a workshop or special event) and have it expire on a specific date. This allows you to build a sense of urgency around your giveaway or offer because the code won't work once it's expired. If a user tries to unlock the tag bundle code after the expiry date, it will not unlock.

To do this, choose the date you would like the tag bundle to expire in the Unlock Code Expiry Date field:

Notifications & Customize Confirmation Screens

Just like the other tag types, you can be notified when someone unlocks a tag bundle code and create a custom screen to add to your user's experience.

Review our Tags article and the article Creating a Custom Confirmation Screen for more information.

Once you are done filling out the fields, click Submit to save.

View Your Newly Created Tag Bundle

Locate your newly created Tag Bundle on your list of tags. You can easily identify it because the type will be TagBundle. You will see a unique 6-digit code. This is the code you give your users to unlock this bundle:

To read more and see a sample, practical application of Tag Bundles, view our article that narrates A Sample Tag Bundle Scenario