• For Biz+ and Enterprise Branded App Accounts
  • Not For Free, Pro, and Pro+ Shared Accounts

You may have received an email like the one below:

To see if you have any issues with your Google Play Console Account please follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Google Play Console Login screen: https://play.google.com/console/u/0/signup

    Follow the prompts to login to your Android Developer Account

    If you see this screen, make sure you select the email in the top left hand corner and set it to your Android Developer Account Email. If you're not sure what the email is, please contact support.

  2. If you're logged into your Android Developer Account you should be prompted with this screen:

    Select your Developer Account, in this case ours is ACTIONERA

  3. You should see this screen, select the Policy Status menu option on the left hand side

  4. Finally from this screen you can see if you have any outstanding policy violations that you need to take care of.

    You can do a secondary check by clicking "Select an App" and choosing the specific app you want to review to see if a specific app has any outstanding policy violations.

If your account shows any policy violations, you will need to take the instructed steps to bring your account up to standard.

If your accounts shows NO policy violations, your account is up to standard and any email telling you otherwise is either spam/phishing attempts or was incorrectly sent to you and can be safely ignored.