Products can be sold/previewed in the Content Portal by filling out the New Product form.



Going here will pull up the Product list. This list will populate as you add more and more products to it. 

To add Product content, you will need to click on the [Add Product] button.

This will bring you to the New Product form.

Refence the text below to fill out this form.

  1. Product Name: Enter the Name of your Product Here. There is a 100 character limit
  2. Description: Insert a description of your Product.
  3. Price: Add the price here. If you want to offer it FREE, just put FREE here. 
  4. Thumbnail Image URL: This image appears in the Product Sub-Topic area. Insert the image URL or Upload the image directly.
  5. Top Image URL: This image appears above the description of your product. Insert the image URL or Upload the image directly. 
  6. Review Video URL: If you have a video reviewing this product, you can add it here. Learn More HERE! 
  7. Bottom Image URL: This image appears at the bottom of your product page. Insert the image URL or Upload the image directly. 
  8. Product Video URL: If you have a video featuring this product, you can add it here. Learn More HERE! 
    NOTE: The Image and Video content that you directly upload to the Content Portal, cannot be downloaded again later using the UPDATE button. Keep a copy saved outside the Content Portal (see Edit/Update an Article)
  9. Release Date - Learn More HERE!
  10. Call to Action Text: Add you CTA text here. There is a 50 character limit.
  11. Call to Action URL: Add you CTA URL here. This is the link you will use to send people to a product purchase page using another website where you have set this up.
  12. Featured?: By turning this button on (turns blue when on) the article content will be featured on the home screen area of the app. The content is not featured (default state) when turned off. NOTE: You can only feature one article. If you have toggled this button on for multiple articles, the app will continue to feature the first one it was turned on for. If no article is featured, a 'no content' message appears when going to the featured article area. For this reason, we recommend you always have featured content.
  13. Topics: In order for your article content to appear in the app, it must live under a topic or directory listing (except featured content). This is where you select what topic/listing you want your article to appear under. 
    NOTE: (1) To select a topic/listing, you must have already created the topic/listing name in the content portal. (2) If you get to this step and realize you don't have the topic/listing created yet, don't worry. Submit the 'new article' content without it, because you can add the topic later - by editing the content.

    How-to select the topic: If you have already created the topic/listing, left click in the Topics Box area. To find the topic/listing you want, you can either:
    1. scroll down until you find it
    2. begin typing its name in the box. NOTE: That you only need to type as much of the name as is required for it to appear in the list. This will vary depending on how many topics you have created and how similarly they are named
  14. Sort Order - Learn More HERE!
  15. Tags - Learn More HERE!

Edit/Update Product Content

The last thing we will be looking at is how you can Edit or Delete product content after you have created it. 

Finding the Product Content you want to Edit:
When you are on the 'Product List' page in the Content Portal, you will see a search box in the upper right hand corner. You can manually scroll through your product list to find the product you want to edit, or you can use the search function. You can also toggle the sort order area (clicking on the up & down arrows) to change the order from ascending to descending and visa-versa.

When using the search box, you need only to began typing the name of the product you are looking for and it will automatically begin eliminating the options until only the name of your product remains. The search box only applies to the product name.

Deleting a Product:

While in the 'Product List' area, you can delete an entire product if you want to. You need only click on the trash can icon to the far right of the product name. Once you click on the trash can, you will be prompted to confirm that you truly want to delete the content. You confirm yes (by clicking the delete button) or no (by clicking the cancel button). Once the content has been deleted, it cannot be recovered again. 

Edit/Update a Product:

Find the product that you want to make a change to in the 'Product List' area. Click on the UPDATE button, on the far right-hand side. Once you select your product, you will be taken to the 'Edit Product' area, with the product content already filled in. From here you can make any changes that you want to in any of the fields on the form. Giving you the same options as when you first created the product. If you like the changes that you made, click Submit. If you do not, click Cancel and the content will revert back to what it was before you began making the changes.

If you click Submit, there is no way to recover the earlier version(s). So save any content you think you might want later in a separate document outside of the Content Portal. NOTE: The Images and Video that were directly uploaded to the Content Portal, cannot be downloaded again later using the UPDATE button. That means that if you make a change to the Image or Video by deleting &/or replacing it, that content will be lost forever if you do not have it saved outside the Content Portal already. If you used a URL, then you can copy the URL out of the Content Portal at a later time, if needed.