• For v8.0 to v9.0
  • Not for v7.0 and earlier versions

ACTION Blog Content

ACTION Blogs are short, multi-purpose content types for displaying blog style content under specific topics/listings or as it's own dedicated menu location

You can access this screen under ACTIONPAGES in the Content Portal:

Add a New ACTION Blog

  • Title - The title that users can see before and after they open the ACTION Blog
  • Description - The written content of your ACTION Blog

    NOTE: The written content of your ACTION Blog can be different on the app and companion website. If you have special formatting it will be removed when copy/pasted into the app text area, and you will likely need to check the content to make sure it is formatted correctly.
    If you paste the content into the WYSIWYG website editor it should keep all your formatting, but you may need to make minor changes.

  • Video URL - The video content of your ACTION Blog
  • Image URL - The image thumbnail of your content
  • Audio URL - The audio content of your ACTION Blog
  • Release Date - When the content will be visible
  • Call to Action Text and URL - When filled, generates a button at the bottom of the screen that when clicked will direct users to a custom URL of your choice
  • Topics/Listings - Choose what topic or listing the content will appear under

    NOTE: If you select a topic/listing for your ACTION Blog to appear under, make sure that topic/listing has Blog posts enabled for the sub-topics

  • Sort Order - The order in which your blogs will be sorted on screen, see Sort Order for more information
  • Tags - Used to make content visible/hidden to specific users based on their tags
  • Active - When toggled will make the content visible to users with tags corresponding tags (if any tags are added) and when the release date is sometime in past
  • Featured - When toggled will make the content appear in a "Featured Content" section under the Blog menu item (If the blog menu is enabled)