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Resources are a smaller media content type. You can use them to share/feature affiliate content, special offers, or other content that you wish to link to your app/web. Please note that the look of the Content Portal has changed since this video was created. Additionally, This video focuses mainly on turning a Resource into a Special Offer. A new video will be coming out soon. 



Going here will pull up the Resources list. This list will populate as you add more and more resource content to it. 

To add Resource content, you will need to click on the [Add Resource] button.

This will bring you to the New Resource form.

To fill out this form you can watch along in the video or refence the text below.

  1. Title: Give your Resource a Title.
  2. Description: Give your Resource a description.
  3. Video URL - Learn More HERE! 
  4. Image URL: Insert the image URL or Upload the image directly.
    NOTE: The Video and Image that you directly upload to the Content Portal, cannot be downloaded again later using the UPDATE button. Keep a copy saved outside the Content Portal (see Edit/Update a Video)
  5. Release Date - Learn More HERE!
  6. Call to Action Text: Add you CTA text here. There is a 50 character limit. Can be left blank
  7. Call to Action URL: Add you CTA URL here. Can be left blank
  8. Featured?: By turning this button on (turns blue when on) the video content will be featured on the home screen area of the app. The content is not featured (default state) when turned off. NOTE: You can only feature one video. If you have toggled this button on for multiple videos, the app will continue to feature the first one it was turned on for. If no video is featured, a 'no content message appears when going to the featured video area. For this reason, we recommend you always have featured content. 
  9. Topics: In order for your video content to appear in the app, it must live under a topic or directory listing (except featured content). This is where you select what topic/listing you want your video to appear under. NOTE: (1) To select a topic/listing, you must have already created the topic/listing name in the content portal. (2) If you get to this step and realize you don't have the topic/listing created yet, don't worry. Submit the 'new video' content without it, because you can add the topic later - by editing the content.

    How-to select the topic: If you have already created the topic/listing, left click in the Topics Box area. To find the topic/listing you want, you can either:
    1. scroll down until you find it
    2. begin typing its name in the box. NOTE: That you only need to type as much of the name as is required for it to appear in the list. This will vary depending on how many topics you have created and how similarly they are named
  10. Sort Order - Learn More HERE!
  11. Tags - Learn More HERE!