• For v8.0+
  • Not for V7.0 and earlier

What is Sort Order?

Sort order refers to the order in which your content appears in the app/web, listed from top to bottom. 

How Sort Order Works

  1. The biggest influence for where your content will appear is the number that you use in the sort order area of the form you fill out. 
    • Sort order numbers must be positive. Even though you can enter negative numbers like -1, -5, etc. the form will not accept these numbers and you will have to change them to something with a value of 0 or higher.
    • The sort order range is from 0 to 500 and they appear with the lowest numbers being put at the top and the highest at the bottom. So you can think of 0-500 as appearing Top-Bottom. You cannot enter a number higher than 500.
  2. Once you have decided what number to assign a piece of content, the second thing that influences sort order is the release date of the content. For More info about Release Dates, click HERE!
    • By default, the release date will be set to whatever the current date is.
    • You can back-date a piece of content as a way of changing the order in which the content appears.
Pro-Tip: When you have a lot of content of one type that you are trying to organize it is useful to think of the sort order numbers as creating individual groups. Everything with sort order # 1, is in group 1 and so on. 

Consider all of the content that you want to appear in that area, then ask yourself if you want one big list or if there are specific groupings that you want to be kept together. Once you have your answer you can create however many groups you want and then manipulate the release dates for each item in each group to change what order things appear in.

 What Does Not Affect Sort Order

  • The title or names that you give things. Sort order does not consider alphabetical influences at all. Name things however you like, this will not mess up or manipulate the sort order.
  • The TAGS that are given to that content.