• For v8.5 to v9.5+
  • Not for v8.0 and earlier


Introduction To ActionLists

ActionLists are a feature in the app that allows you to create a "checklist" of action items for your users. It's also a unique interactive feature (like the Journaling feature) that allows users to create their own checklist of items as well.  ActionLists are available on both the mobile and desktop version of the app.

ActionLists can be set up with different frequencies (once, daily, weekly or custom) so that the items on the list can be checked off by the user one time or multiple times, depending on what you choose. Example, an ActionList that has a "weekly" frequency means that the user has a week to complete all the list items before it refreshes and their progress resets. They can revisit their previous week's entry and any journaling they did, however the new week's entry will have all items unchecked at the start of the week.

ActionLists can be accessed individually or can appear under Topics/Directory Listings.

ActionLists function similarly to Courses in a few ways:

  • They can be tagged but still made available to sell
  • They have List Items which have sections, similar to how a course has modules and lessons with sections
  • They allow for multiple content types to be visible in one place

You can access ActionLists under ACTIONPAGES in the Content Portal:

ActionList Options and Fields

Image of ActionList Screen

Image of a new ActionList

New ActionList Fields

  • Title - The title of your ActionList (60 characters max)
  • Description - long description of your list. Use this for sales language or describing who & what the ActionList is used for
  • Short Description - subtitle of your list
  • Video URL and Image URL - include a video and/or an image with your ActionList
  • Add Journal to List toggle - turn this ON to include Journaling prompts in your list.
  • Frequency - choose how often the end user should do the items on your list (once, daily, weekly, custom)
  • Sort Order - what order the ActionList will appear in
  • Tags - Tags control the visibility of the content based on what tags the user has unlocked
  • Purchase List toggle - Turning this toggle ON means anyone can purchase and register to use the ActionList
  • Call to Action Text and URL - When included, will create a button at the bottom of the screen with custom text and destination URL
  • ActionList Cost - Include information here about the cost of your ActionList
  • Topics/Listings - Select what Topic/Directory Listing the ActionList is associated with
  • Active toggle - Toggle this to ON when you are ready for your ActionList to be visible.
  • Featured toggle -when toggled on, will dd the ACTIONLIST under a special "Featured" section.
  • List Items - This is where you list all the "to-dos" of your ActionList for your users

List Items/Adding a List Item

Each list item you add to your ActionList represents a task or to-do you are prescribing your user perform. The frequency of the list determines how often your user's list items reset so they can check them off again.

In recurring ActionLists, the list item content doesn't change each day (example - the user won't see a new video every day), the items on the list just revert to being "unchecked" each day so the user can go through the process of performing the to-do and checking it off to track it again. Keep this in mind as you add list items. 

To add a new List Item to your Action List, click on the blue "Add List Item" button:

This will pull up the List Item slide-out drawer menu where you can create your list item. 

Toggle ON the "Explain List Item" toggle to activate more fields: 

List Item Fields

  • Sort Order - The order the list items will appear on the ActionList
  • Item Text- The title of the list item
  • Item Description - long description of your list item. Use this if you need to describe what to do.
  • Video URL, Image URL, and Audio URL - You can use any/all of these media types in your list item.
  • Call to Action Text and URLYou can use this to link to any URL that will assist the user with taking action on the list item. Or, you can leave these fields blank if you don't have a call to action.

Click on "Save" when you are done creating your list item.

ActionList Uses

Since their function is being a check list or to-do list, there are many ways you can use ActionLists to enhance your end users' app experience. A daily ActionList gives your users a reason to check into your app every day. Depending on your business, you might consider use Actionlists in one of these ways:

  • A "welcome" list helping users through navigating your app for the first time
  • A list of daily exercises or activities to improve life
  • A list of suggested reading or books
  • A checklist to accompany a course or series of lessons to give the user more instructions
  • A recipe and shopping list
  • An itinerary for an even (each list item is a day of your event)
  • A scavenger hunt list

Since ActionLists can be tagged, just like other content, they are a great way to prescribe a system or the way you want users to consume or use other content in your app (example: the order to watch a series of videos you have in a topic).

A welcome ActionList that gives users something to do, read or see in different areas of your app to help them familiarize themselves with the way your app functions is a great way to create a walkthrough.

Customizing the ActionList Menu Item

Like most other content types in your app, you can customize the name of "ActionLists" to be something that makes sense for your app. Do do this, access the "Menu Set Up" dropdown item:

You can change the label to another word or title that makes sense for you. This new name will appear on both the mobile version and the web experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do users get reminders about ActionLists on a daily basis?

No. Not at this time. Once scheduled push notifications are in place, you can schedule reminders to your users. 

What if I want one of my list items to have a new video or image each day?

Remember, the list item content doesn't change. If you need users to watch a new video or see a new image each day, you will need to direct them to that new content somehow in your app. Creating a topic or directory of that content might be one way to do that. 

Can I turn off ActionLists if I'm not using them?

You bet! Just toggle the menu item to "Off" and ActionLists will disappear from your menu on mobile and the main navigation bar on web.

Can an ActionList be attached to a course?

While you can't "attach" an ActionList to a course, you can certainly create an list to accompany your course. You can accomplish this by:

  1. Use a tag bundle to give your user both the course and ActionList.
  2. Direct the user to the ActionList in your introduction module of your course.
  3. You can even provide the ActionList in the course as a link in one of the sections.