• For v8.0 to v9.0
  • Not for v7.0 and earlier versions

How to Add Documents to Your App

If you want to be able to add complete or supplemental resources to your app in the form of documents, power points, spreadsheets, text file, or PDF's that are easily accessible and downloadable while being protected content, you can; by using our Documents ACTIONPAGE

You can access this screen under ACTIONPAGES in the Content Portal:

Add a new Document

  • Name - The name/title of the document for users to see
  • Image URL - A thumbnail image representation of the document
  • Document Upload - The document, either a pdf, doc, docx, txt, ppt, pptx, xls, or xlsx file type can be used
  • Description - The by-line of the title, keep it short
  • Release Date - When the content will be released and accessible
  • Sort Order - What order it will appear on screen in relation to other document types
  • Web URL - A direct to file URL you can use to attach to other content types (Lessons, videos, blogs, etc.) so you can include protected documents in other areas of your app without needing people to find it through topic/listings

Protecting Documents

Your Documents can be protected in one of two ways, if not protected the content will be available to anyone that has the direct Web URL

Topic/Listings - Documents protected through topic/listings will only be accessible to people that have the ability to open the specific topic/listings that the document is associated with

Tags - Tags can be used to keep your document hidden and protected, accessible only by the direct Web URL if they also have the associated tag that allows them to view the document