• For v8.0 to v9.0
  • Not For v7.0 and Earlier

The Manage Menu Options

The Manage Menu has arguably the most important and valuable tools to, get this, manage your web/app. From registered users, to segmentation systems, to content organization, the manage menu has a lot to offer and a lot to learn about.

Table of Contents


Creators are everyone that has admin access to your app. You can add creators to your app to allow team members to manage aspects of your app on your behalf, or to give access to a consultant to go into and edit aspects of your app on your behalf.

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Members is where you will find everyone who has registered with your app, this does not include all downloads, it only includes users who have shared their name and email with you. Within the members section you will be able to manually review and manage user access to content.

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Tags are what we call 'The Heart and Soul' of your app. Tags play a massive and fundamental role in the management of registered and unregistered users alike. With tags you will create custom experiences within your app for different audiences to ensure you are always able to communicate with people where they are and will never have to dilute your message if you don't want to

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Directories are resource menu options within your web/app that will show users curated content pulled directly from your listings; with the use of tags you have high flexibility to make your directories customized for individual audiences and users alike.

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Topics/Listings are where you are going to pull together and assign content from your ActionPages to appear in your customized directories, or, your more public topics section

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NOTE: Topics are only available to v8.5+ app owners, listings are still available to older app owners

Home Screens

Home screens are a way to customize the first screen your users see, whether you want everyone to see the same thing, different things if they are a registered user or not, or temporary new screens if you have a limited time event going on.

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Import/Export is our built in function for bulk editing your app information; with the ability to export almost any data you need from your app, you can easily add or remove things like tags, or sub-topics, to your data to make either more or less readily accessible to your users. Saving you time and money.

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ActionForms are an effective way to gather external resources from users, colleagues, or really anyone you want, and make it information that is quickly and readily available within a directory of your choice as a pre-built listing or offer.

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