• For v8.0 to v9.0 with some exceptions
  • Not For v7.0 and Earlier

The ActionPages Menu Options

ActionPages is your content storage library where you can create or upload a wide array of different content types, from videos, to images, to text. Your content can also be compiled into content blocks through ActionLists, lessons, and resources, and ultimately included under your directories/topics and compiled into products to be accessed through unlock codes.

If the manage menu contains 'The Heart and Soul' of your app, then the ActionPages menu contains the brains to give your app substance.

Table of Contents


ActionLists are simplified course-like structures that allow your users to open a checklist of one-time, daily, weekly, or custom time-framed tasks that they can visually see and complete, and quickly get more information that you can build into each task itself.

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ActionBlog is where you can create simplified articles, with options to include content pieces pulled from videos, full articles, or representative images

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Videos are where you can upload video files to be included as primary or supplementary pieces of content for other parts of your app. Alternatively you can also setup short and punchy horizontal "ActionClips" with a customizable call-to-action; ActionClips can be standalone content, or included under the ActionClips menu item of your app.

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NOTE: ActionClips are only available to v9.0+ app owners


Articles are where you can create long-form written articles to be used either as free content for all of your users, or as supplementary content for specific groups of users within your app.

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Lessons are a compilation tool to bring different pieces of standalone content onto a single screen for your users to review, whether that be videos with text instructions, or Articles with audio versions. You're options to mix and match here give you wide customization in your users experience.

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Audio is where you can add audio files that your users can listen to without looking at the screen, or to be included in bigger pages as supplementary content to the page.

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ActionJournal is a unique interact-able tool that your users will use to review questions you prompt and have a place to write down their answers that will be saved to their unique profile with you. 

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Q&A is where you can write down different types of FAQ's that people may have and your answer to those questions.

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Galleries is where you can create sequential image galleries that your users can use to review content like powerpoints, eBooks, or other sequential or grouped content.

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Resources is where you can create listing like pages that you can use to direct people towards specific, often external, content that you want them to see or review.

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Products are where you can create product offers that will trigger the addition of tags or tag bundles to users and allow them access new content that you've included in your app.

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Special Offer Codes

Special Offer Codes are unlock/trackable codes that your users can use to access new content made by external parties as a special offer.

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Profiles are used either as 'About' sections for different areas of your app, or are assigned to specific listings to let your users learn about a person or company that is associated with that listing.

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Podcasts are an app only feature that automatically pulls and displays new podcasts via an rss feed of your choice.

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Documents is a way for you to upload document files (docx/pdf/ppt/etc.) that your users can then access directly or as supplementary content, accessible through customizable channels like lessons, ActionLists, or under listings/topic

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